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British off Europe today announced the results of the referendum is expected to exceed 46 million people participate


Local time on June 23, the United Kingdom will be held "off Europe 'referendum, the vote was considered significant, will decide the future of the UK and across Europe. On the eve of the referendum, British Prime Minister David Cameron led the "European left" faction and former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, represented by "off Europe" faction is still running around, crying out, trying to win more public support .

British pollster "Survation" The latest poll results released yesterday showed that the "stay in Europe" and "off Europe" camp's support rate was 45% and 44%, respectively, and the remaining 11% have not yet made a decision. Given the unpredictable prospects for a referendum, a referendum a few hours before their opponents for Cameron becomes even important.

Cameron issued to the general public on the 22nd British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) interview, warning that should the "European left" faction in the referendum 23 May be defeated, Britain would embark on a wrong way forward, "We are not being tied to a dead body, we can see that the EU economy is recovering, it is the world's largest single market. "

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